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Product Equipment Manager

Job Description




Research and introduce non-standard equipment automation, analyze the difficulties in the equipment development process, complete equipment design and optimization, and consider equipment modularization requirements to meet production needs, meet digital factories, and improve industry competitiveness.


Responsible for the centralized management and control of power and equipment, responsible for equipment, maintenance, repair, overhaul and periodic inspection, and responsible for the intact operation of the equipment and the optimization of the equipment.


Responsible for the preliminary management, dynamic management, scrap management of fixed assets, equipment and tooling, equipment and tooling account, card and property management.


Responsible for the management of various measuring instruments, including the addition of measuring instruments, according to the weekly inspection plan of measuring equipment, submitting for inspection or arranging for verification, sealing storage, discarding management, measuring instrument account, card, and material management


Responsible for the control and coordination of maintenance costs and costs of the manufacturing platform.


Responsible for assisting the acceptance of new process equipment.


Responsible for the interface work with the superior functional departments to manage the business and cooperate with the development of various tasks.


Undertake the technological innovation of manufacturing platform equipment and improve platform production efficiency and production quality.


Good at building equipment team, project management, and equipment OEE management.

Key Qualifications & Additional Requirements


Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanics, automation, etc.

Have a strong practical ability and long work experience in the processing, production, installation, debugging, maintenance, continuous improvement of automation equipment.

Familiar with automation equipment such as cams, connecting rods, cylinders, etc.

It has strong overall design capabilities for mechanical operation modes that meet the requirements of different processes.

Have good management system design and optimization capabilities for the design and manufacture of automation equipment, and have rich experience in equipment management.

There is a sense of innovation in product technology and automation technology, management concepts and tool applications that keep pace with the times, caring to cultivate a new generation of talents, and a strong sense of service and production responsibility.

Having more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and management of electronic component automated production equipment are preferred.


Mechanical related majors


Bachelor's degree or above


Proficient in English reading, and writing related international standards and documents.


2D/3D drawing software

Working Years

8 years or more

Management Years

5 years or more

Working Years of Similar Products

3 years or more





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